Wepakum Inn

There are strange things done in the blazing sun
By the people at the Land
And the neighbours, too, swimming in the nude
Trying to get an all-over tan
The bubbling springs have seen queer things
But the queerest they ever did see
Was the day the Osbornes decided to buy
A quarter near Sundre

To get into the place you had to face
A long and dusty road
At the end of that there was a kind of track
That was full of ruts and holes
With an old John Deere and some purple gas
They harvested piles of stones
With the money from that and passing the hat
They started to make a home

There was only a shack, but with plywood and tacks
They added a little space
There was lots to do and between me and you
There were cowpies all over the place
So they fixed up the fences and dug out the spring
And when they were too tiered for more
They bathed in the river and sang by the fire
And curled up to sleep on the floor

In a couple of years it was getting quite clear
That their numbers were going to grow
So they looked around and a shed-house they found
And a fellow to give it a tow
Then they hacked a road through the land next door
And they pulled the building in
They levelled a spot and added a porch
And they called it "Wepakum Inn"

As a matter of course someone purchased a horse
Named it "Gaylord" - we still don't know why
It was more like a mouse and it slept in the house
And they sold it again by and by
They all agreed that the place was just fine
They invited their friends and neighbours
To sit by the fire and drink their wine
And enjoy the fruits of their labours

The children would play in the river all day
Losing sneakers and making mud pies
And the old folks would sit and catch up for a bit
Or watch northern lights in the skies
So the family grew - 31 - 32
And they though that it might never stop
And they burned the brush piles
That stretched out for miles
And they planted their very first crop

They cut down the hay in the old fashioned way
With a rusty old antique mower
And they hitched up a rake to a Volkswagen bug
Put a haystack up in the clover
They played in the trees midst the birds and the bees
And the chattering of the squirrel
And they all said they had a wonderful time
Every boy and every girl

And now we have to finish our song
But there's still so much more to say
So we'll mention the bear
and the cars getting stuck
And the kids going home all covered in muck
The frogs and the dogs and the sitting on logs
The smores and hot dogs and our eating like hogs
And we know that we'll all come back