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April 2nd - 5th, 1988

Adam James and dogs here. Weather sunny but cold. Cabin left clean. Looked like someone had been here. Used the phone twice - Mom's orders! Roads not good.



May 23rd, 1988

Susan Forest, Heather and her friend Heather, Alec and Hugh Mosher here. Weather was hot and sunny. The cabin fridges need cleaning!! Need to do something about the porcupine eating the biffy. Will do some maintenance next time....sorry. Great relaxing!



May 23rd, 1988

Chris Buijs, Tina, JP, Grandma, Matt and Amos here. Very hot and sunny, some wind. Stayed one day. Fridges were gross! Smells like something dead is in the brown one. Many mouse turds. Swept floor but had no cleaning stuff. Would be nice if there was running water, good for cleaning. The spring has water but it's dirty right now. The river was really warm. The forest, flowers, etc. were great!

I would suggest that the fridge doors be left open at the end of each visit so it doesn't stink so bad. It was really disgusting!



May 24th, 1988

Stefan and friend Wendy here May 23rd and 24th. The 23rd saw blue sky and 25C, the 24th was overcast and 16C. Sunset was beautiful as the weather front hung about a foot off the mountains, leaving a clear place for the sun to set.

The river was warm enough to swim and we found a deep hole a little way west (up river). It was only cold getting out.

Didn't do any housework except to sweep up and burn our garbage, but replaced the broken poles in the gate. Ran out of time to put up a new crosspiece so maybe whoever is next... Left the fridge doors open to dry out. Didn't use the phone.

No nails or hammer up here - will know better next time and bring some. The spring seems to come out further down the hill these days so maybe that's where to look for water.



May 28th, 1988

Adam James and friend Mike up for Saturday and Sunday. Weather ok Saturday but it rained Sunday. River nice and wild roses out in full bloom. Didn't use phone or fridges. Cabin left clean. No jobs done - where's the job jar? Fixed the lamp in the living room. See ya next weekend!!



July 8th, 1988

Alan James here. Did in the wasp nests in the cabin and metal shed. Remaining insecticide is on the water heater by the front door. The water in the white plastic pail is river water with bleach. OK for washing but not drinking. Back door lock is damaged. I came in through the front without a key. Really nice weather. I'm still looking for my leather handled hammer and yellow bowsaw which wandered off last fall.



July 8th, 1988

Came to the cabin for the AGM and found that it was moved to Calgary. Cleaned the front room and refrigerator while my friend, Doug, cut wood and mended lawn chairs. Adam, Tina, Jody and Tim arrived after supper and we had a pleasant campfire with them. Brian Lopeter came down to talk to us and to apologize for taking a strip off Susan re someone coming through his place at high speed in a Datsun. He says that he will be putting in some new Texas swing gates and that he'll put a combination lock on the one at the entrance to his quarter. We'll give us the combination. I think we have some P.R. to do where he and his wife are concerned if we want to keep a friendly relationship there. I told him that, if there were any news from the AGM, he would be informed.



July 8-9, 1988

Tina, Adam, Tim and I (Jody) came to the cabin Friday night. The weather was very hot and windy. Had our new neighbour, Brian Lopeter come and visit. He was very concerned about people driving too fast through his property. Someone driving a Datsun came through in a big hurry a while ago. Slept in the tree fort. Went rafting. Too windy to go from the James River Bridge. No use of phone. Started to build a new tire swing. Left after supper. Washed dishes. Found a wasp nest by the new rope swing. Sprayed it with wasp killer left by Uncle Alan but don't think it did much good. It's not really a "nest" - it's built into some mud and roots, etc. so it's hard to see.


July 29th, 1988

Dan and Steve ripped out the interior walls in the cabin. Sunny, hot day. Bathed in the river, which was almost warm, then slept on the deck. Sue and kids arrived at 10:30 p.m. and also slept on the deck.


July 30th, 1988

Terrific campfire last night with Dan on guitar, Brian on tambourine and lots of singers. Adam directed the younger troops in a few skits. Brian and Bev Lopeter and guests were here.

The idea of tearing out the interior walls of the cabin was a good one in my opinion - it's nice to have the room and to be rid of a lot of the clutter.

Thanks to Steve and Sue for the use of their trucks and to everyone who helped tear down and take the mess to the dump.

Chris and Alex had two horses here this weekend and the kids enjoyed riding them.

Saskatoons and raspberries are ripe and plentiful - another week for the chokecherries.

There are mice living in the Coleman stove in the woodshed - preserved for the nature lovers among us. Great weekend - love to all.



August 2nd, 1988

Stopped in briefly to pick up the last of the "salvageables". It seems the weekend work-party must have broken up early due to the rain as things were left unfinished. I measured the rainfall since Sunday - a whopping three inches! Only got into the place (and out?) with the 4 wheel drive. I've taken the water heater with me and will try to sell it. The holes in the roof need repairs but I didn't have adequate tools or time. It looks like rain again so I'm off.

Enjoy your stay. In peace - Steve


September 4th, 1988

Chris, Gram, Tina, JP and Adam came up for the day. The weather was hot and really nice and the river was warm. We didn't use the phone and didn't do any major jobs, just bummed around mostly. Sue and kids were here and also Stefan and Wendy.



December 18th, 1988

Hilary and Eric came to cut a small Christmas tree. Drove to the south side of the river and walked up! Warm and sunny.



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