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March 13th, 1994

Stefan and Judy here for the afternoon. Most of the snow has melted but the ground is still frozen. The cabin is in pretty good shape - power and phone working. Didn't try the well. Phoned JP in Hamilton - his 18th birthday today.



April 17th, 1994

Mom, Chris, Tina, JP, Judy and friend Jerry Kaita up for the day. Windy but warm and sunny. Everything is pretty dry and brown. Pipe under the sink is now disconnected. Attempted to repair with duct tape but not sure if that will hold.



May 21st, 1993

EJOR meeting held at Peg and Alan's house.


July 19th, 1994

The log book has been missing since April so there are no entries for the past few months. I found it under the bench and will leave a page for filling in the blanks.


Early July, 1993

Karin and several friends up to visit and noticed that we misplaced the logbook. Glad to see it's been found! I've been up two or three times recently but don't remember the exact dates. A lovely place for peace and quiet and stomping around. Took an adventurous walk over on the south side to see where the stream comes from over there but gave up after about an hour when the brush became too thick. I've seen plenty of woodpeckers this year and a pair of bluejays in the woods just behind the woodpile. There are also a couple of squirrels that don't seem to be afraid of people. Not much larger wildlife has been sighted. Could be I'm too noisy. Xoxox



July 21st, 1993

Came up on Tuesday to spend the last week of my summer vacation here. Jerry Kaita joined me and brought his garden tractor down from his acreage at Penhold. He opened up the old road for us and mowed the "lawn". Sure makes it easier to get around.

We walked downstream - Jerry fishing and me birdwatching. Came out on the south side and walked along the roads on the south and west boundaries. Jerry caught a fish in the James!!! (upstream near the cliffs) I'm pretty sure it was the only one ever caught in this stretch of the river. His idea of fishing is "catch and release" so you won't find it mounted on the wall.

A few of Dennis' cattle were in here so called him and he drove them off. He appreciates knowing when they stray.

The weather has been very hot - the river water is so warm that bathing in it is a pleasure.



July 23rd, 1993

Alec's birthday. Today was a great day. We arrived yesterday at about 11 p.m. When I was woken up by Alec and Holly playing the ukes, we all had breakfast. Don found a boz with a steam engine in it, which he repaired and it whistled and the piston turned. Us kids wanted to go down to Boogey Man's Island and play in the water but we had to wait for Mom to wake up. Judy and Jerry came up for a while. When we finally got down to the beach, each of us made a sand castle. Then we had a picnic lunch and stayed all afternoon. Supper was the best corn on the cob, teryaki steak and taters. Yum! This evening we're going to have s'mores around the campfire. What a great way to spend a weekend.



August 14th, 1994

Stefan and I came up from Calgary for the day and Jerry joined us. Went berry picking (goodeberries and currants), swimming and fishing. A lovely, warm, sunny day. There's a nice deep swimming hole at the bottom of the garden path. The apple tree in the garden has lots of fruit but they are not ripe yet. Saw a woodchuck (I think) - it's living in the woodpile and seems very tame.

If someone has the accordion, could you please check the case for some ukelele music? Thanks. Xoxox

Stefan, Jerry and Judy


August 24th, 1994

Karin and friend up for three days of relaxing and reading. The cabin is in quite good shape - everything is working. Mom found the accordion at home last week! Left on the 26th due to rainy weather.



August 28th, 1994

Came up Saturday night and spent the day Sunday. Brought my office with me but didn't do much more than read and enjoy the peace.



September 18th, 1994

Jerry, Karin and friends and I here for the day. Sunny, warm, great swimming. Saw mergansers and watched three beaver at work. The best of fall. Xoxo



October 4th, 5th, 1994

Here during the days - sunny and warm. Had some gravel put on the road (with Ejor approval) as it was impassable in a couple low spots. A beaver felled a huge poplar which landed right across the drive. I cut it into smaller chunks and moved it off the road. If it stays this warm, maybe I'll do Thanksgiving here. Love to all.



October 7th, 1994

Here for the day with Jerry. The beaver has taken out a lot of trees from around the garden and on down to the river. He dropped one behind the cabin and it fell on the power line. Jerry pulled it off the line. We did some clearing up of felled trees around the garden.


October 28- 30th, 1994

Matt and friends here. Had a great time! We saw a rabbit up here so they're not gone after all. We stared down a beaver too. We caught it in a flashlight beam right by the cabin and it froze. The are really dam big!! Found a cat straying around so we brought it in and we've grown attached to each other.


P.S. Named the cat Runaway.

P.P.S. Matt's writing is attroshous. My English sucks.

P.P.P.S. Mice are still around. Beware of the Hanta Virus.


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