Brendan "Buzz" Wang Chenfei James

As we were explaining to Vivian that we didn't have a name for the new baby yet, since we didn't know if it was a girl or a boy, she decided that the new baby should have a name. We, therefore, requested that she name it. She decided that "Buzz" (a la Toy Story) would be appropriate, and so we called it "Buzz" for the whole pregnancy. Now that the baby has arrived, the name "Buzz" has grown on us, so although his real name is Brendan, we often still call him Buzz. 8).

Easter 2003 (or thereabouts)

Easter 2002

yer mama dresses you funny! sitting with a little assistance

February 2002

These pictures were taken on our vacation in Maui. Brendan didn't much like his first swimming experience as (we're guessing) the water was too cold and nobody told him what was going on (well, the dunking was a smidge abrupt 8). On the other hand, Vivian is a great swimmer...

Oct 13, 2001

June 13, 2001


ETA October 27, 2001

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