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February 16-18, 2002

JP and Tammy up to enjoy the warm weather on this beautiful, long weekend.  Saw lots of signs of deer and moose. I heard some too but never actually saw any.  Found porcupine remains in the north woods. Mostly lazed around listening to vinyl and reading. Walked down to the river in the 10+ sunshine. JP Buijs


March 29th, 2002

Jerry and I walked in through a light snowfall.  There's not as much snow remaining on the ground as we thought there would be and it was an easy walk in this direction - downhill.  Saw deer and coyote tracks, Canada geese overhead.  Will take the old logbook home to copy and will give the original to Carol for safekeeping.     



May 12th, 2002

Jerry and I here for a Mother's Day afternoon. Brought some pussywillows for Richard - his tree survived the winter and is budding nicely.  The river is wide open, fast and muddy.  Jerry repaired the water line and we pumped enough water for the tree. There's a rabbit living under the cabin or shed - have seen him several times this afternoon. We emptied all the birdhouses in hopes that we get a bluebird this year.  I'm off to join Jerry at the river - gone fishing.     Xoxoxo 



June 16th, 2002

Here for the day to drop off the camper and to spend a relaxing Father's Day.  Jerry fished and got two bites but no catch.  The wolf willow is in flower - smells great.  We drained, cleaned and bleached the water holding tank.

Found the rotting skull of some small animal at the east end of the cabin - large rabbit? Peg phoned to enquire about plans for the July 19th weekend.  She and Alan will be here with Vivian and Stefan, Karin and Michael and Rob plan on coming out too. Aunt Jessie will be here as of July 13th so hope she gets out to the land. We're settled into our new house and all are welcome - there's tons of room!!   J&J


June 23rd, 2002

Mom, Jerry, Karin and Finnegan were here to mow nature. Lovely day.  



June 30th, 2002

We came for a birthday party yesterday - mine. And who should show up but JP and company. Good times!     


July 6th, 2002

Chris, Jerry and I here for the weekend.  We have finally got bluebirds nesting in one of the bird boxes.  The woodpeckers are feeding their very noisy babies in a poplar tree above the toolshed.  Jerry caught and released a trout. Two of the Overgaurd girls were fishing the James too and some noisy folks were riding trail bikes in the river and up the gas pipeline clearing. Chris and Jerry bucked up the dead tree he felled.  JP took down the sauna last time he was here and so we have a good start on the storage shed project. We made a scarecrow out of the stuff left from last year's Olympics - was going to leave it in the outhouse but such tricks have a way of backfiring on me now that my memory is failing.  Stocked up the blue cooler with some staples - help yourself if you're caught short.

The mice are gaining on us so set traps and put out bait - it's safely hidden from pets and little ones so not to worry. Overguards cows are in the forest but no further evidence of them around the cabin.  Richard's tree is doing really well in spite of the drought. We water it each time we're here.    


Relaxing couple of days spent with Judy and Jerry.  Played in the river with the rope tied to the tree, worked on a puzzle, walked and bird watched.  Spent the morning watching a squirrel packing away peanuts.  Heading home now as the dew is getting too heavy for my liking.


July 16th, 2002

Brought down the tractor and misc. stuff.  Checked the bird boxes. Tree swallows in box#2 look like they are ready to fly.  Bluebirds still at box #4. Watered Richard's tree and added a special rock that Judy picked up.     



July 17th, 2002

Cut the grass and picked up materials for the storage shed project.      



July 18-19th, 2002

Karin, Mike, Mark, Alisha and Cassy were here. We went down to the river and went swimming. The cows were on our side of the gate and the farmer said he will come get them. 



July 19th, 2002

JP and Tammy up for the weekend only.  All alone Friday night except for the cows. The were on both sides of the fence yesterday and somehow broke the gate closest to the cabin last night.  We went into town and returned to find Stefan and Jerry working on the new shed.


July 22, 2002

Here I am once more up from California.  It's good to see all the family as they change and grow.  Jody's here with her baby Mason. The first time I was here, she was six years old.  If it weren't for the little kids growing up and marrying and reproducing, everyone stays very much the same. 

Jessie Gordon (sister of Viv)


July 22nd, 2002 - Gathering of the Clan

Present were - Mom, Aunt Jess, Jerry, Judy, Stefan, Karin, Kathy, Rob, Allie, Peg, Alan, Vivian, Dan, Jody, Craig, Mason, Chris, JP, Tammy, Sue, Don, Heather, Alec, Holly, Amy

Amazing to me to be here with the 4th generation to come to the land.  A special welcome to Alli, Vivian and Mason.  Many thanks to Judy and Jerry fo our time at their home and for all they have done to keep the property liveable. Great gathering. I'll let others add their account.

Love to all,   Viv, Mom, Gram, Great-Gram


July 22nd, 2002

Great weather this weekend if a little windy. Wonderful to have Jody and Craig here with Mason for the first time. Went down to the river and got video of Allie and Vivian playing with Finnegan and Timbre in the river. Looking forward to the campfire tonight.  


I always love coming out here. It is very relaxing and I seem to have great naps! Mason seemed to like it out here as well.  He obviously loves being the centre of attention. It's always a pleasure to spend time with this side of the family.       


Another great gathering. On the way up I saw a moose and four deer.  Heard an owl and coyotes while sleeping on the deck last night. Wonderful to have all the little ones around - we really are so fortunate to have this place to gather.  Thanks to J&J who both do so much to keep it up.


Another wonderful family gathering at the land - good to see so many people here enjoying the place.  Sure took me back to watch Vivian and Allie swimming fearlessly in the river while the adults fussed about the depth and current. We'll have to resurrect the chickenwire cage for Mason soon.

The storage shed shell is complete - Jerry, Karin, Stefan and JP worked at it until now all that's needed is the metal roof and siding.

Had a terrific campfire on Monday night. Thanks for the music Dan!  Aunt Jessie knows the words to thousands of songs - all of Tom Lehrer included.  Don and Sue and kids taught us a few new ones. It was Alec's birthday on the 23rd so we had candles on Grandma's Good Goop.

Heather, Alec, Holly, Amy, Sue and Don did the float down the James from the bridge - took them four hours and they had to walk a lot.

There are beaver below the log house in the swimming hole.  Also saw deer, heard coyotes, were entertained by squirrels in the bird feeder, peeked in on the baby bluebirds in box #4, saw a rabbit hop under the deck and had baby nuthatches and rose-breasted grosbeaks at the feeder.      


July 25th, 2002

I'm going home after five nights here...don't know when I'll be back, but I will!  Really enjoyed having Gram at the campfire again - like old times.  The farmers may be crying but this is a perfect summer for us - no bugs, no mud, warm water, clear nights, easy walking through the meadow and comfy sleeping on the deck.  Nice swimming hole down from the log house but don't bug the beaver.  I got too close and it growls just like a dog. Never heard that before!  See y'all next time.



July 25th, 2002

Judy left to drive Stefan to Calgary after spending the last couple days cleaning and organizing the cabin. She headed home after to catch up on some consulting work she's doing. I ordered metal siding and roofing for the shed.  Picked up sofit and facia material.                               



July 26th, 2002

Installed soffits and facia ready for the siding and roof.


July 28th, 2002

Down for the day. Installed doors on the new shed.


August 7-8, 2002

Picked up and installed metal siding and roofing - the shed is pretty much done!

August 10, 2002

Here on our way to Calgary to paint the shed floor.  Off to the garden show in the rain.


August 23, 2002

Jerry, his Mom, Karin and I here for the day.  Jerry and Karin built shelves in the storage shed.  Mary and I walked to the river. Alison showed up after lunch - out for a drive and a walk.  When we drove in, a large grey house-type cat took off from the cabin. Hope it's helping to keep the mice at bay.                         

Karin, Mary, J&J


August 26th, 2002

Picked up my tractor and also moved the bathtub and stove into the shed.  



September 1, 2002

Overnight stay with Jerry, Judy, Tina, JP and Tammy.  We had lunch at J&J's B&B first, then headed down here. It rained overnight, seemed to clear enough that we ventured out for a walk and ended up sitting under a pine tree for shelter from wind and horizontal rain. Played hearts till the sun came out again. Aphids are infesting Richard's tree.  Tina did a trial spray of weak liquid soap solution - effective?  Back to Calgary now to have dinner with Tammy and her parents who are here from Libya.


It's good to be keeping up the average of at least one visit to the cabin every year, but I sure wish it could be more. Just a quick stop-over on my way from Vancouver back "home" to Paulo and Sherbrooke for the winter. Should be heading back this way (ie. Okanagan Valley) to live for a while next spring so I'm looking forward to being relatively close. I had a nice, contemplative hour last night, watching the yellow sky, purple mountains and the green trees fade into night.



September 8th, 2002

JP up with Atlen and Sarah with daughter Madison, Timbre and Spookog as well. No luck with the van yet. Brought our newly acquired slingshots and practiced our shots.  Saw a hawk and woodpecker. All's well this weekend.          



September 29, 2002

Krista, Tim and friends Hendrik and Liz up for the weekend. Couldn't let a year go by without a trip to the cabin. Jerry and Judy were up as well.  Bill Robinson stopped by on Saturday afternoon along with his sister and her husband.

We lucked out with the weather.  It's been an absolutely beautiful weekend. Krista and I went for a nice walk last night just before sunset. We came across two deer and a coyote.  Gotta love this communing with Mother Nature. This is the first time I've been up in Fall - the colours are beautiful with all the leaves changing.  Looks like we'll be the last people up for a while so we are draining the water and unplugging the fridge. See you next year!         


P.S. Think the front left burner may have a short or something (I'm no electrician!)  It was shooting out some blue sparks.

November 1st, 2002

Jerry and I here for some fishing and a walk.  It's a bright, warm (6+) afternoon and what little snow there is is melting away.  Saw deer in the meadow.



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