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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Jerry and I came down to check on the place.  Were able to drive across the meadow to the 2nd gate.  Cool and windy so not very pleasant to be outside.We walked down to the river, cooked smokies for lunch and headed home again.



Monday, April 21, 2003

Jerry and I here to do some maintenance. We cleaned out the water holding tank and lines, cleaned the fridge and opened up the motorhome. It's a lovely, warm, sunny day and a good start to another summer at "the land". The bluebirds are back!



Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Well my car broke down in the middle of nowhere and I found this place where there were three bears grumpy and yellin when I found them but a snooze, some aspirin and water made them perfectly pleasant the next morning. Looking forward to the rest of the day - too bad the car got fixed so soon.           

D (aka Goldilocks)


May 17th, 2003

Karin and pal Anne here for the afternoon.  Bluebirds are nesting near the water holding tank.  We made an innukshuk near the river bank.


Hello Peg James! Anne Lefebvre here. I came out with Karin. Fabulous place. Heaven in Alberta.  Had a wonderful picnic.  Thanks.




May 17-19, 2003

JP here with Timbre and friends Atlee and Sarah.  Hail and sub-zero temperature on the 17th with improvement on the 18th and 19th. The river is so high right now - saw a group of motorboats pass up and down. Lots of birds to be seen including a beautiful hawk in the top field.


May 24th 2003

Krista and I came up on Thursday afternoon and have had a wonderful three days here so far.  The weather has been fantastic, I guess we lucked out not coming up last weekend!  There are deer everywhere - have counted 14 so far. Managed to cross the river (barely) this morning.  Cold and fast, not highly recommended. One more campfire tonight and then it's back to Edmonton in the morning.  We plan on being back around the middle of June.     



Saturday, May 31st, 2003

Jerry and I here to drop off a load of "good stuff for the cabin". Saw two female elk in the top meadow.Off to Calgary to pick up another load from Karin and Michael's - back this afternoon.  On our way out we saw seven elk by the gas plant.  Karin and Michael and Jerry took down the tree fort as it was falling down and dangerous.  Saw a hummingbird in the caragana hedge.  The bluebirds are still in the box by the water tank.        

Karin, Michael, J&J


June 12, 2003

Eight "Chlorine Club" ladies here for a picnic lunch.  Lovely day.


June 15th, 2003

A quick one night stay for Krista and I.  Beautiful weather - shame we couldn't stay longer.  Dug out the firepit and replaced some of the bricks that were falling apart.  Back in July.               


P.S.  I noticed some bees in the outhouse.  There seem to be a lot of them but I couldn't find the nest.  Be cautious!  





June 17-19, 2003

JP and KC up for a night that stretched into two.  30 degree weather, then showers.  Piled some wood on the hill to keep it from slipping too badly. Seems that something is nesting in the roof of the old shed.



June 28-29, 2003

Chris, Tina and Paulo, JP here overnight and Jerry and I here for the day Sunday.

July 11-13, 2003

Krista and I up for our first anniversary!  The grasshoppers seem to be taking over.  Wildlife seen:  numerous squirrels, a hawk, one grouse, four nudists, and the wasp that stung me in the back of the leg!  Beautiful northern lights display on Friday night.  Hoping to be back on the August long weekend.         

Tim & Krista


July 18-19, 2003

JP up with Tammy for her birthday.  Hot weather for our stay and non-stop sunshine.  Roasted potatoes in the fire, ate two and left two by the fire while we ate inside.  Something pulled the two away from the fire, opened the foil and ate them up!  Its great to see a telescope here again - thanks to whoever brought it up.


July 22-24, 2003

Karin, Jerry and I here for some R&R.  The weather was hot enough to drive me into the river.  Lots of nice swimming holes and the water is warm. Wasps have a nest under the front deck so watch your step.  There are baby tree swallows and wrens in the boxes on the fence and the bluebirds are incubating a second clutch of eggs. We enjoyed the company of Karin's friends, Dave, Raquel and their daughter Mackenzie. 

Karin, J&J

Saturday, August 2nd, 2003

Karin, Michael, J&J and Dennis Brown here for a steak BBQ. Super meal and company.



August 24, 2003

Don, Susan, Holly, Amy and friend stayed overnight and built a dam in the river (well, 2m from one edge)  Saw Mars at almost its closest approach for the next 280 years.  Some clouds got in the way of a full night star sky.  Great weather, great food, great company.  I was a little concerned about the green scum in the bottom of the water reservoir - is that healthy?  We didn't get sick.  Didn't see any wasps.


Sept. 1, 2003

Tim, Krista and a bunch of friends came up for the Labour Day weekend.  The weather was fantastic and the night skies were clear.  We saw lots of shooting stars and one huge blue meteor that literally lit up the whole sky before breaking into pieces.  Just amazing!!  I think this is probably our last trip up this year.  See you next summer.   Tim

September 24, 2003

Bruce and Gertie stopped by to see Mom and Dad's resting place.  Beautiful Fall coulours.  Saw two moose on our drive in and had a lovely time here.  Picnic lunch.  Terrific view.

Charles and Ethel

Gertie and Bruce Auchterlonie came to visit. Had no idea you had such a novel place. We are having a great holiday with Ethel and Chuck. They are great people.

Gertie A.

The quiet of the leaves rustling in the trees - what a beautiful sound.  A view of God;s country - so immense, so great.Wonderful times shared with good friends.

Bruce Auchterlonie

September 27th, 2003

Judy and Jerry here for the Fall colours and some fishing.  Jerry caught a brown trout.


Thursday, October 2, 2003

Stopped by on our way home from Didsbury to put antifreeze in the motorhome water tanks and lines and to drain the well water from the holding tank, lines and taps.  If you need water after this, you have to take a pail to the well.  Sue- re your note about the holding tank - it does grow green scum over time if left.  There's a yacht mop up there to scrub it out with - then run some bleach through the system and rinse.  We'll shock chlorinate the well again in the Spring. Happy Thanksgiving to all.  We'll be spending it in Vancouver with Stefan and Karin and spouses this year.   Xoxoxo 

Jerry and Judy


November 12th, 2003

Jerry and I here for a few hours today.  We followed some truck tracks in as far as the cabin gate - through about 10 inches of snow.  Someone has been in the cabin since we were last here and burned all the kindling and firewood that we had left in the cabin.  We scrounged some more and had a fire and played crib.  Had BBQ'd steaks for lunch.  A bright, warm day.    J&J


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